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Trisakti University
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Dr. Eriyantouw Wahid, SH, MH.

In the process of current and future dynamic and sustainable development, the role of human resources and advancing the quality are getting more important Real effort is needed to anticipate and minimize quality gap in advancing the quality of human resources, especially those of the executives in fulfilling the needs and qualifications of users.

Science and technology have been developing fast in this era of globalization. Each component of the nation needs to adapt this situation by increasing the quality of human resources. Creating qualified human resources is the obligation of all parties, especially universities as higher education institutions. A higher education institution is the first and main sector that creates educated, skillful human resources who are expected to be ready to enter a work-place or become more qualified in their current work-place.

The advancement of human resources is aimed to meer the need of science and technology as a tool of enhancement in every major subject area and profession for a speed sustainable development in accordance with the principle of effective and efficient use of natural resources to maintain good environment.

Therefore, the role of university needs to be raised up, its service must be based on the demand of current condition and need of local, regional, as well as international development and society in this era of globalization. University nees to have a credence quality and link and match concept for a right quality.

Based on the view, Trisakti University has been trying its effort to stay a head. Trisakti University has been the first private university obtaining full accreditation from the Government to hold graduate program in management in 1993, followed later by graduate programs in Civil Engineering, of Electronic Engineering, of Dentistry, of Architecture, of Laws, of Accountancy, of Industrial Technology, and last, of Mechanical Engineering in year 2000. Postgraduate Program was first conducted in year 2000 with post graduate program of Economics, followed by post graduate program of Civil Engineering, the latest is post graduate program of laws in year 20008.


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