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Trisakti University
Wellcome in Website Post Graduate Program of Laws Trisakti University


The vision is an outstanding program in research and development of legal science, developing the quality of human resources with global view.

  • Conducting integrated education with sustainable developing quality based on the Trisakti three norms.

  • Creating conducive scientific atmosphere and academic culture for educational actvities and research which are relevant to the need and wish of the society.

  • Promoting and applying the result of researches.

  • Creating graduates to prosess critical thinking and to be able to develop their professional performance broadly and being ones with the ability to develop their creative competence.

  • Creating graduates to have integrity and good personality in accordance with Trisakti three norms, having open and broad mind possessing entrepreneur insight and sensitivity towards the change and development of professional areas of law.

  • Providing graduates with the concept, basis, and mastery in doing scientific research.

  • Developing cooperation with other institutions in and outside the country in order to broaden the view of the students.

  • Becoming the source of information and promotion of research finding activities.

  • Creating excellent services in the areas of education, training, research and counseling.


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