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In the proses of dynamic and sustainable development at present and in the future, the role of human resource. The advancement to reach more qualified human resource needs to be paid attention to Great Effort needs to be made in order to minimize a quality gap and to increase the quality of human resource, especially those of the exeutives, who are increasingly needed.

Science and technology in this era of globalization have developed so fast that every component of a nation needs to adjust the need of skillful and qualified human resource. University is the front-liner to provide this need.

The process of human resource developmentin meeting the need of science and technology advancement must be based on what is needed in each developing area of study and profession. This can be made as vehicle toward a sustainable development which follows the principle of using and managing effective and efficient natural resource as well as maintaining the natural environment.

Therefore the role of University in development must be increased. Higher learning education must be in accordance with the various existing kinds of those developing demanded skills. It also needs to be matched with the available vacancies, challenges, as well as local, regional and international changes within this process of era of globalization. It automatically demands university as a hingher learning institution to go toward a crecedence quality as the implementation of the right and qualified concept of link and match.

Trisakti has been in the entry point for this and will be always stay a head. Further step which has been taken is the opening of graduate programs. Trisakti was the first Indonesian private university which obtained full accreditation from the department of education to conduct graduate program for Master of management on October 16th 1992. Followed were graduate programs of Civil engineering of August 16th 1993, zof Dentistry on October 14th 1998, of Architecture on June 6th 2000, post graduate program of economics on June 23rd 2000, and post graduate program of civil engineering on July 7th 2000. Graduate program of law was opened in 2002.






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